Обложку журнала впервые украсил "бесполый" человек

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Обложку журнала впервые украсил  бесполый  человек
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Модель "нейтрального" пола украсила обложку журнала

Снимок модели нейтрального пола был помещен на обложку журнала Diva. Райан считает, что гендер является социальным конструктором, и предпочитает называть себя "оно".

Впервые в истории обложку журнала украсила модель нейтрального пола. На такой шаг решилось глянцевое издание Diva. Об этом пишет The Sun.

По информации издания, модель зовут Райан Дав. Активист считает гендер социальным конструктором и предпочитает, чтоб в его отношении использовали местоимение "оно".

Ранее Дав уже снимали для других изданий, среди которых Vogue, Elle и Cosmopolitan. Модель позировала в белье как для женщин, так и для мужчин.



WOW! We just made history apparently! First time ever that a person has been in the cover of a “Men’s” magazine and a “Women’s” magazine at the same time! @divamagazine and @gaytimesmag worked together to release a cover that featured the same human on the front as a supportive statement about nonbinary, nonconforming, genderfluid, gender queer and more type individuals. As someone who identifies as I am I- no labels- I’m so damned excited about this! It feels like for the first time in a while in the industry it is becoming understood that we are more than our bodies. We are an experience. An awareness. And we are infinite. Let’s continue to live our truths. Let us labels ourselves as we see fit or not label ourselves at all. As long as our labels don’t become limitations- we can be truly free. Don’t be a shackled by language. If you ever feel alone- if you ever feel unloved I want you to know I love you. I’m here for you. And you’re not alone, you’re in my dimension. Xx #GenderCapitalist #DivaMagazine #GayTimes #lgbtq #lovewins #GenderIsTheMatrix #BeingHonestWithYourselfIsBeingYourself #frolic #lgbthistorymonth 📸 @evazar GT

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"Я польщено и надеюсь, что на обложках журналов появятся еще больше самых разных личностей. Я всегда знало то, что знаю о себе сейчас, просто не могло выразить словами. Я — это просто я", - отмечает модель.



“Men’s” vs “Women’s” haircuts have drastically different costs. I interviewed, visited and surveyed over 200 gender specific hair salons and barbershops in LA/NYC/London to ask the pricing of the SAME type of hair cut. Long on top- buzzed sides. Despite the cut being exactly the same- the prices were different at “men’s” vs “women’s” establishments. “Women’s” salons tended to actually charge 1.7x MORE than “Men’s”. ($15 average for men’s vs $26 average for women’s) After interviewing several stylists and barbers about why this is- here are some of the responses I got. “Men don’t complain about their haircuts as much as women. You’re able to get them done faster. Women tend to nitpick and be perfectionists or even return asking for more cleanup on their cuts. That’s why women pay more.” “Women have been brainwashed into seeing hair care as a Luxury experience- but men see it as a basic necessity... like underwear. Men therefore tend to get their haircut more frequently. Whereas women go as a special treat.” “Men pay less but that’s because the experience is often less. It’s quicker and rougher. Whereas women are treated softer, sometimes receive shoulder massages, hair washes, and styling after their cut.” And one more from a barbershop I once went to in San Diego. “Men charge men less because they know that when the man walks out of the salon or barbershop the world will demand more of them. Because they are men. Getting a break in the price of a haircut is a rare refuge from a world that sees men as needing to always pay more- even if they don’t have it.” To break this barrier we simply need to choose the location of our haircut based on the experience we want to have. Not the one society wants to have. To save money on short haircuts likely go to the barbershop. To get pampered likely go to a salon. You might get some looks. But at least you will also be getting equality. (Ps also unisex salons exist!) #NeitherHairNorThere #HairySituations #GenderCapitalism #GenderIsTheMatrix #IamI #genderfluid #lgbtq #transformationtuesday #SheerMadness 📸 photo by @amesbeckerman 👗👔 styling @crazyexgalpal @sierrajiminez

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KNOW THIS!!! You are not unloved. I love you. You are not truly alone. I am in this existence waiting here for you. You are not unwanted. I want you here. You are not unforgivable. I forgive you. You are not worthless. I gain strength from your support. You are You. You are perfect. I got You. (Tag a friend You would say this to as well. Let's show them that they are not alone.) ---------------------------- And Every person who is reading this now is together with each other in the comment section, in the community of likes, in the sharing. Every name you see in the LIKE section belongs to a person who is a part of our family. I love you all. Together together together. W/ @mayemusk and @merikatheone 📸by @mikeruizone #FamilyMatters #WeAreABunchOfVibratingAtoms #EducateDontHate #frolicfrolicfrolic #together #lgbtq #saga #FBF #genderqueer #milkshakemoments

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Ранее сообщалось, что в Британии мужчина, сменивший пол, решил в итоге вновь стать мужчиной.

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