Cheok Yi Jung
11 августа 2013, 02:17

David Roberts and Richard Chambers, The Haney Group Executives

Citibank hosted this year’s Taiwan Investor Conference held at the Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, on May 15-16, 2013 with honoured guests David Roberts, Senior Vice-President of The Haney Group.
19 августа 2013, 06:13

The Haney Group: WTI Crude at a Low, With EU Probing Price Fixing

“This is a solid trend to follow with now being the time to get onboard, strategic planning leading to achieving a profitable end for our investors is the goal”
25 августа 2013, 03:02

The Haney Group Comment as G-8 Probe Shows Trillions Lost in Taxes

The Haney Group is now reassuring their investors as concerns suggest that G-8 leaders are seeking international agreements to limit tax evasion by individuals and companies.
29 августа 2013, 02:58

The Haney Group Malaysia Attracts Singapore With Land

The Haney Group advising investors Iskandar Malaysian Land Area growth is affirming Asian Recovery.
1 сентября 2013, 04:46

The Haney Group Smells A Good Deal

The Haney Group Comments advising investors on the upcoming fragrance and cosmetics manufacturer Coty IPO.
4 сентября 2013, 04:12

The Haney Group U.K. Estimates Grow on Shale Gas Extraction

The Haney Group comments advising investors of the recent shale gas finding in the United Kingdom with estimates doubling in the north of England.
14 сентября 2013, 00:12

The Haney Group Wheat Demand Continues to Increase

The Haney Group are making a strong recommendation to their clients to include Wheat as an integral part of their Commodities portfolio.
17 сентября 2013, 07:24

The Haney Group Observing Recent U.S. Market Gains

The Haney Group advising clients on new opportunities as positive news from the United States spurs restored interest as the markets start to see gains.