Александр Бирден
Украина, Донецк
28 января 2021, 21:01

Зеленский продлил действие безвиза для граждан Британии

Глава государства Владимир Зеленский продлил безвиз для въезда в Украину и транзитного проезда через территорию Украины для граждан Великобритании и Северной Ирландии.
28 января 2021, 16:47

Рада ухвалила за основу закон про СБУ

Верховна рада України ухвалила за основу нову редакцію закону про Службу безпеки України.
28 января 2021, 20:56

Star Gambling: How to choose an honest online casino

Of course, choosing a really safe and fair online casino to play is not an easy task, since there are too many unscrupulous establishments operating without a license.
28 января 2021, 20:53

Good reviews are a mandatory attribute of the rating

Choosing the best casino for playing for real money, a novice player focuses on reviews on the network.
28 января 2021, 20:51

Impeccable reputation among players - Star Gambling

Reliable casinos have built a reputation over the years, keeping in mind the basic wishes of the players.
28 января 2021, 16:45

Reliable software developers

The presence of titles from the giants of the gambling industry in the collection of gambling games is an indicator of a serious casino.
28 января 2021, 16:42

Rating of the best online casinos

The online gambling industry is not in place and is overwhelming. New brands, bonuses, promotions appear.
25 января 2021, 18:20

Star Gambling and Golden Star Casino Partnership

Every day more and more users are approaching online gambling. This leisure option is quite popular due to its availability, fun and profitability.
20 января 2021, 17:00

Factors influencing casino rating

As we have already noted in the information above, while registering and playing the online casino, you must be sure of its accuracy and non-acceptance, pay attention to In fact, the list of qualities
18 января 2021, 22:59

What do the rankings of the best casinos show?

The rating system first appeared more than a year ago.