Омельяненко Сергей
Украина, Одесса
28 января 2021, 21:55

Работа миссии МВФ в Украине продлена еще на 7-10 дней

По словам министра, сейчас Украина и МВФ находятся в активной стадии переговоров
27 января 2021, 00:24

Байден обсудил с Путиным ситуацию в Украине

Состоялся первый телефонный разговор между новоизбранным президентом США Джо Байденом и президентом РФ Путиным. В ходе него была затронута и тема войны в Украине.
28 января 2021, 21:54

Top 15 Best Online Casinos to Play for Real Money - Star Gambling

As a newbie to the online casino world, the gaming experience can be overwhelming. Joining a new online casino sounds intimidating, but it can actually be a lot of fun.
28 января 2021, 21:53

Star Gambling - your guide to the online casino world

Star Gambling is an irreplaceable assistant and guide to the gambling world of online casinos. Why do you need such a site?
28 января 2021, 21:47

Star Gambling: What we consider when compiling a casino rating

Everything is important to us! But there are criteria that are especially important in order for the institution to get into the TOP 5 online casinos.
27 января 2021, 00:22

Legalization of gambling in Dubai is not expected in the near future

No casinos will appear in Dubai, even if the government allows international brands of casino resorts to expand their activities in the city.
21 января 2021, 23:04

How to tell a bad casino

We have made a review of online casinos for money so that you do not waste your time, nerves and money to distinguish reliable portals from those that should be avoided.
21 января 2021, 23:05

The best mobile casinos and features of our casino ranking

Naturally, our rating of the best online casinos could not contain those portals that do not provide an opportunity to place bets via a phone or tablet.
21 января 2021, 22:58

The criteria by which the casino rating is compiled

Among the main selection criteria, the following can be noted:
20 января 2021, 16:51

Classification and examples of ratings of online casinos

The internet casino, depending on the rating, can be classified according to a number of parameters: